Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Final Project

I have reworked my Moodle page. My goal was to make my Moodle page more interactive. I added the following things to my Moodle; a tutorial on Punnett squares using Jing, cell analogies collage using Glogster, a Moodle assignment where students upload their homework directly to the Moodle, two forums for class discussion, and a Twitter feed that provides current happenings in the science world. I created two Jing videos to show off my Moodle. Here is Part 1 and Part 2. I’ve also been working on setting up a Twitter account for classroom use. I’ve created a document about the use of Twitter in my classroom, and I’ve also collaborated with other teachers (through Twitter) about privacy and security when using Twitter for educational purposes. Here’s my previous blog post about using Twitter.

P.S. Sorry about the slurred speech on the Jing videos. I just had my wisdom teeth removed, ouch!


  1. That is a really cool website, I think your students will get a lot out of it. I think the idea of the students filling out an online survey as opposed to telling you about themselves on a piece of paper. I might borrow that idea if you don't mind. I thought the Twitter feed was pretty cool too, the students can start to see how Twitter can be used for learning and not just messing around in your free time (I thought the comment about Justin Bieber's breakfast was great). One of the other things I really liked was where they can submit some assignments online, which will probably save paper and time. Great site!

  2. Taylor,
    I am really impressed with your Moodle site. I have not gotten quite as far as you have with making mine more interactive, but it's a lot better than it had been! Along with Don, I would also like to borrow your online survey idea. My only issue with doing that at the beginning of the year is that our school's Moodle site is not always available up the first week of school. Because I can never count on technology working at the beginning of the year, I usually plan all lab activities for my first week. Was it easy to set up the forums? I did not yet have time to work on that. Thanks for sharing all summer. I have enjoyed your input.

  3. Taylor, I dig the class Twitter feed idea (and your doc to explain to students and parents, which will definitely be helpful). I might start a new account for that purpose. I mean, they're welcome to follow my own account, which they're excited about initially, until they realize that it's all basically about education and current events. Nice to connect with you this summer.


  4. Thanks everyone for your comments. Feel free to "steal" any ideas you like. @Linda, setting up the forums was very easy. There are a couple of different forums you can set-up but the one I choose is the most typical and more simplistic.