Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Week 4 Reflection

First, I’m going to discuss the online data part. I like this idea. Research has shown the benefits of inquiry learning in science classes. A big part of inquiry learning is analyzing data. One problem is that collecting data can be time consuming and sometimes downright impossible in the classroom. That’s why online data has so much potential. Lessons can incorporate on-line data that has already been collected and organized.  From there students can get to work with some real-world data. As the chapter in the book states, the use of on-line data has several potential benefits. Research has shown that it can increase engagement, motivation, and achievement. I plan on looking into on-line data that I can incorporate into my classroom.

The second part of this week’s reading was about the generating an argument model. I like the concept, and I like that they’ve created a model that is easy to follow. I agree with many others that this should be an important part of science education. The only problem is I can’t think of how I could incorporate this into my class. Yes, I like the model. Yes, I think it will benefit. Yes, I think I should be doing it. But, I’m just not sure how. It takes a good bit of time and effort to sit down and think about developing something like this. I really want to incorporate this into my class, so I’m looking forward to beginning my activity that we need to create for this class.


  1. Taylor
    I have to agree with you that the model and argument idea are great but very time consuming for a teacher. I am struggling with finding where I could incorporate this into my class because I want to create an assignment that is meaningful in order to engage my students. If you don't do the 'leg work' at the beginnig it will show as students work through the process. But I guess that's how science is, trial and error.

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  4. Sorry about the deleted ones above, I was having problems logging on!

    I think I am going to talk with the ELA department at my school to see if we can collaborate on the "Generate An Argument" model. I think it can get the students thinking critically about science, and any way to get them writing is a plus. Perhaps if they got a grade in ELA too then there would be more effort put into the project.