Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Great Book on Teaching

I just finished reading Teach Like a Champion: 49 Techniques that Put Students on the Path to College by Doug Lemov. What I really liked about this book was that it was very straightforward and practical. The author outlines 49 techniques that could be used in any class. For example, “right is right” is a technique used to set and defend a high standard of correctness in the class. The teacher shouldn’t “round up” the students’ answers for them. Students need to use technical vocabulary, include units, and answer completely. Nothing is this book is ground breaking, but the techniques discussed are easy to understand and very helpful. I took 9 pages of typed notes from this book. I plan on reading through my notes a couple of times and then find ways to implement them into my class. Overall, I thought this was a great read, especially for beginning teachers. This book would be a great addition to a undergrad education course.

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